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Family Fun at Our IA Hotel Waterpark


Make a splash at Grand Harbor Resort’s onsite indoor waterpark! We offer 25,000 square feet of wet fun for the entire family – including waterslides, tube rides, rope ladders, waterspouts, water chutes, squirt guns, and powerful water cannons, as well as a lazy river, activity pools, and two giant hot tub whirlpools. Grab a snack at the River’s Edge Café, or experience the “four story splash” – 350 gallons of water, dumped every eight minutes from our four-story Huck Finn II Treehouse!

Waterpark gift cards

Stop in or call 866-690-4006 today to purcahse your hotel gift card!

Cave Arcade


Be sure to visit the “Cave”, our huge interactive game room, with all of your favorite video and arcade games, including the Wheel of Fortune, Whack-a-Mole, and Ski Ball. Collect tickets to redeem for prizes at our prize redemption center.

Arcade Hours are:

Thursday - 4pm to 9pm

Friday - 8am to 10:30pm

Saturday - 8am to 10:30pm

Sunday - 8am to 9pm

Closed - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Birthdays and Groups

Birthdays at Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark

Kids of all ages will love celebrating their birthday here! The Grand Harbor Resort & Waterpark offers two great birthday party packages, Ultimate Soaker and Crazy Cannonball. Both include:

  • Waterpark admission for 12 swimmers
  • One hour in private party room
  • Three large one-topping pizzas
  • Three two-liter bottles of soda
  • Quarter sheet cake
  • Arcade tokens
  • Personal server

Ultimate Soaker, Saturday's package, includes 100 arcade tokens and is $250.00, not including tax and service.
Crazy Cannonball, Sunday through Friday’s package, includes 80 arcade tokens and is $200.00, not including tax and service.
Non-swimmer guests are $5.00 plus tax. We appreciate a two-week in advance reservation to guarantee your party.
Call Alicia at (563) 690-3240 to book!

Upcoming Events

New Year's Eve is the most anticipated night of the year for Grand Harbor employees and guests! We try to make the end of your year as memorable as possible with 5 hours of activities the whole family can enjoy!

5pm - "Best Bash" Begins

5:15 - Getting Jiggly With It (2008/09 - Holiday Theme)
     2 teams will go head to head to see who can fill up their bowl with the most jello! The catch? You can only use your hands to transfer the jello! The team who has the most in their bucket wins!
*Fun Fact: The original game was to be played using jello hearts for the valentines day holiday. Just an hour before the game was to premiere, our staff discovered that the jello hearts were complete mush! The games original name "Give My Heart Away Relay" was changed to "Getting Jiggly With It" to better suit the condition of the jello :)

6:00 - Cake Walk (2009/10 - Carnival Theme)
     Who doesn't love cupcakes? This easy game is much like musical chairs, you walk around in circles while the music plays. When the music stops, we will draw a number and whoever is standing on that number will win a cupcake and be out of the game. We will play until we run out of cupcakes! Spoil your dinner if you have to and make sure you're here!
*Fun Fact: When deciding the games for the carnival theme, the cake walk was a last minute add-on. Our staff decided that instead of giving away whole cakes like a traditional cake walk, we would give away cupcakes.  The result was more winners and more happy guests, just the way we like it!

6:30 - Hollywood Bingo (2010/11 - Grand Harbor Goes Hollywood)
     4 teams will face off in this jumbo version of a very beloved game. Each team will have a bingo card with all kinds of celebrities, movies, and Hollywood terms listed in the squares. Players will take turns grabbing a ticket And taking it to the Bingo card. We ask for parent volunteers to help locate the name that's listed on the ticket on the bingo card. First team to get a bingo wins!
*Fun Fact: Originally, there were only 2 teams for this activity.  When we played the game in 2010, neither team accomplished a bingo and the team closest to one was announced the winners. This will be the first time the game has been played at Grand Harbor since that night and we have made some adjustments to be sure we will have a bingo this year!

7:15 - Chopstick Relay (2011/12 - Around the World in 5 Hours)
     This fun children's game originated in China. 2 teams will each relay using chopsticks and holding a jumbo marshmallow. Each player must take a marshmallow from one bowl, transfer it to another bowl, and hand off the chopsticks to the next person in line. The team that finishes first wins!
*Fun Fact: This game is played in schools to strengthen hand/eye coordination.  It is generally played with a pebble or marble for increased difficulty.  We chose marshmallows because they are fun and fluffy!

7:45 - "Pour Some Sugar on Me" (2012/13 - Grand Harbor Goes 80's)
     2 people are going to get sweeter in a matter of minutes! While we play the popular 80's rock tune, 2 teams will be scooping spoonfuls of sugar and dumping them into the bottle sitting on top of their teammates head! The team that has the most sugar in their bottle by the end of the song will be the winners!
*Fun Fact: All of our games for the 80's theme were given a song name after the rules and objectives had been established to best fit the game. The Def Leppard hit was the only song that actually inspired a game all its own and became an instant favorite!

8:15 - Hanging Donuts (2013/14 - Sweet Treat Paradise)
     This is by far one of the most challenging and fun games we have ever done for our New Years Eve activities. Several players will face off by eating a donut hanging from a string, all while having their hands behind their back! Get ready for some great laughs and find out who can finish their donut first!
*Fun Fact: With last year's premiere, our staff anticipated it to be one of the less popular games of the night. We quickly found out that we were wrong when we ran out of donuts and we still had so many people left that wanted to participate. Don't worry, we will make sure we will have enough this year for everyone that wants to give it a try!

9:00 - Greatest "Hit"
      Our oversized piñata has become an essential part of our New Year's Eve activities. Chock full of thousands of prizes and candy, our 2 piñatas are ready for to take a swing! Ages 9 and under will be swinging at the first piñata, followed directly by ages 10 and up for the 2nd piñata. There is plenty of prizes and candy for everyone, so don't miss out on the 2nd most beloved grand Harbor New Years Eve tradition!
*Fun Fact: The first piñata contained a little less than 1,000 prizes. Over the years, we continued to increase the number of prizes, which started making the piñata heavier. Last year, we finally had to split it up into 2 different piñatas because one could no longer hold the weight of all the prizes!

10:00 - Annual Grand Harbor "Midnight" Bucket Dump
      If you have stayed with us on New Years Eve before, you know how awesome our bucket dump is! Filled with hundreds of balls, we count down to 10 o'clock, and dump the water and balls to all the anxious people waiting below! This is our favorite, and only, way to end our New Year's Eve activities, so don't miss out!
*Please be advised that water comes out when the bucket dumps, so keep your electronics safe and maintain your distance if you want to capture this moment forever!

Other Area Attractions

Grand Harbor Resort & Waterpark’s central location, in the Port of Dubuque, IA, places you a short distance away from many of the area’s top activities and attractions. We’ve listed some of the highlights below; if you would like additional information about these or other things to do here in Dubuque, please ask us!